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Concrete Sealing

Service Description:

  • Surfaces are inspected for damage prior to sealing. Such damage will be noted for your edification
  • Protective barriers will be applied to untreated concrete surfaces adjacent to surfacesto be sealed.
  • Cracks smaller than 3/8" in width will be repaired
  • 1 coat of Agriseal® solvent based concrete sealant (clear for standard and stamped concrete and tinted for aggregate finish concrete) will be applied by hand to all surfaces.

Prior to our arrival for service, please make sure that we have water access, that you have removed all vehicles, furniture and other objects from the surfaces to be sealed. Grass should be trimmed so that it does not over hang surface. Surfaces should be cleaned to remove all mold, mildew, algae, dirt and grime. All large cracks and pot holes should be repaired prior to sealing.

Concrete Sealing Requirements & Pricing

Pricing is based on size of total surface area to be cleaned.

Sealed concrete beads water up

This service is available for both standard concrete driveway, stamped concrete, and aggregate finish concrete.