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Gutter Cleaning

Service Description:

  • Gutters are inspected for damage and any needed repairs.
  • Leaf debris is removed from roof and valley flashing.
  • Debris is collected from gutters.
  • Collected debris is disposed of in a natural area or bagged for your trash pick-up if no disposal area is available.
  • Gutters are flushed with water to dislodge any debris trapped in downspouts.
  • Will replace spotlight bulbs, as needed, with bulbs provided by customer.
  • Will clean accessible exterior of skylights, upon request.
  • Loose nails or brackets will be tightened, if not due to damaged support wood, otherwise a report of any needed repairs to gutters, and a quoted price for said repairs, will be provided to you.

Prior to our arrival for service, please make sure that we have water access and that no obstructions block access to your gutters.

Home Requirements & Pricing

Pricing is based on size of home, maximum length of gutters, and maximum height of highest gutters. Your home is classified as the size in which all three criteria are met. Homes with gutter protection systems (ie. gutter guards) are treated as one size larger for pricing purposes.

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S/M Home - $180.00 - up to 1800 sq feet with up to 120 linear feet of gutters which are no more than 16 feet high.

Large Home - $240.00 - up to 3000 sq feet with up to 180 linear feet of gutters which are no more than 26 feet high.

Very Large Home - $320.00 - up to 4000 sq feet with up to 225 linear feet of gutters which are no more than 26 feet high.

Extra Large Home - $400.00 - up to 5000 sq feet with up to 270 linear feet of gutters which are no more than 32 feet high.

XXL Home - $480.00 - up to 6000 sq feet with up to 360 linear feet of gutters which are no more than 32 feet high

Custom Home - By Quote - any home or commercial location which can not be fitted into one of our 5 basic pricing classifications.

Order On-Line
Service will normally be performed within 3 business days of receipt of payment. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you with a scheduled service date

Home Size

Clean and flowing gutters are a must for a well maintained home.

Debris filled gutters allow water to overflow onto fascia boards and siding, damaging and staining woodwork and siding, as well as damaging your home's foundation and landscaping.

Poorly maintained gutters can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

Even vinyl and aluminum siding do not provide adequate protection as they can become stained with mildew, algae, and acidified water, requiring extensive cleaning to restore original appearance.

Additionally clogged gutters can drain water behind the gutters through support nails and brackets damaging your roof joists and fascia. Dirty gutters and roofs allow nesting of ant colonies and attract roaches, mosquitoes, and other vermin