Serving The Richmond Metropolitan Area since 1991



Concrete Cleaning Services

Service Description:

  • Surfaces are inspected for damage prior to cleaning. Such damage will be noted for your edification.
  • A mold, mildew, algae treatment with a mild surfactant is applied to all surfaces.
  • Spot degreasers applied to oil/grease spots.
  • All surfaces are rinsed clean using a high pressure spray to remove cleaners and dirt and grime.
  • A written quote for any repairs needed that were noted prior to cleaning will be provided to you upon request.
  • Optional application of seals available for an additional charge.

Prior to our arrival for service, please make sure that we have water access, that you have removed all vehicles, furniture and other objects from the surfaces to be cleaned.

Before and after comparison.

Our driveway cleaning service may be used for any concrete, asphalt or paver surface, including sidewalks, driveways, steps, porches, and patios, which totals over 500 sq feet in surface area.